Golf in Dayton, Ohio


The Miami Valley Golf Association is a non-profit organization licensed through the United States Golf Association that represents, promotes and serves the best interest of golf in Miami Valley.

What does the MVGA do?

MVGA/USGA Handicaps: Administers the USGA Handicap System at the regional and local level ensuring compliance with all requirements. Also provides the USGA’s Golf Handicap and Information Network (“GHIN”) service and system to Golf Clubs throughout the Miami Valley.

MVGA/USGA Handicap Certification: Audits for full compliance with the USGA Handicap System and continually educates member clubs, their individual members, and golf professionals of Handicap regulations.

MVGA/USGA Ratings: Issues USGA Course, Slope & Pace of Play ratings for both member and non-member clubs. The MVGA has some of the most experienced course raters in the country. Under the USGA Course Rating System, these raters evaluate the obstacles and factors, which affect the playing length and difficulty of the course.

USGA Representation: Official representative of the USGA and represents its member clubs to the USGA. Attends national meetings on behalf of member clubs such as the GHIN Users Meeting.

Amateur Status: Investigates, on behalf of the USGA, individuals trying to regain their amateur status, as well as ensuring compliance with USGA Rules for Amateur Status.

Championships: Annually conducts some of the most prestigious amateur championships and has done so since 1994.

Rules Authority: Serves as an authority on golf rulings and answers questions concerning rules infractions.

Education: Supports and conducts educational seminars for golfers on rules, handicapping, and course rating. These seminars are open to the public and are held throughout the year and across the Miami Valley.

Miami Valley Golf Association (MVGA) maintains a home office at The Dayton Country Club, 555 Kramer Rd., Dayton Ohio 45419.  Executive Director, Steve Jurick, PGA, phone 937-609-3387, web site: