Dayton Area Sports History

                                                                           High School Basketball in Greater Dayton

                                                                                            by Fred Hess and Ron Brookey

 Dayton's history of championship teams began when Stivers High School won a mythical Ohio High School State Championship in 1916.

 Records of winners were not recognized by the OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) until 1923, but the Stivers teams in prior years

 were known to be included in many national tournaments held in Chicago.

 After its 1924 team was recognized as State Class A Champions, the Stivers teams of 1928,1929 and 1930 were the only teams to win the

 OHSAA State Championship three years in a row, a record that still stands.

 Our area is well represented by High School State Championship basketball teams.

     Boys - Roosevelt, Roth, Dunbar, Belmont, Alter, Chaminade, Chaminade-Julienne, Northridge, Jefferson and Beavercreek

     Girls - Beavercreek, Chaminade-Julienne and Dunbar

 State Champiionship categories have changed over the years as follows:

     1923-1956   A, B

     1957-1970   AA, A

     1971-1987   AAA, AA, A

     1988 to present  I, II, III, IV



                                                                      The 1934 Roosevelt state championship team


                                                   The 1945 Northridge state championship team

Top Row: Coach Ben Ankney, Mgr. Don Degler, Howard Glanzer, Paul Brentlinger, Carl Driscoll, Tim O'Roark, Gale Damare, Asst. Coach Jay Morris

Bottom Row: Bob Hirsch, Jack Scrafield, Ray Lowery, Sam  Armstrong, Walt Hirsch

Insert: Ed Hardin


                                                     The 1964 Belmont state championship team

Top row:  Jack Audas, George Storar, Don Frederick, Chip Chadwell, Mal Peaso, Lynn Marsh

Middle row:  Coach Bob Decker, Charlie Hook, Ralph Jukkola, Les Dunson, Mike Clodfelter, Ryan Zimmerman, Athletic Director Ken Retallick

Bottom row:  Coach Roy James, Ray Ridenour, Tim Kenner, Harry Culbertson, Bill Hosket, Don May, Head Coach John Ross


                                                     The 1968 Jefferson state championship team

Top row :  Coach Milton, Deion Searcy, Larry Pridgen, Damien Mitchell, Coach Winston, Daryl Foster, Corleone Lewis. Patrick Hall, Coach Hill

Bottom row:  Lorenzo Huggins, Tamar Boddie, Dwight Gooden, Fred Gallo, Jamar Shakleford, Jesse Ramey, Lionel Gaines


                                                    The 1970 Chaminade state championship team

(l to r) Terry Tyler, John Weiland, Stan Reese, Dan Gerhard, Mark Florkey, Ted Wuebben, Steve Kane, Stan Pflander, Mike Eifert, Jim Seitz,

Paul Kurpiel, Dave Duffy, Dan Burneka, Coack Jim Turvene


                                                         The 1978 Alter state championship team


                                                       The 1987 Dunbar state championship team

Top row:  Mike Haley, Sr., Troy Harris, Mike Haley, Jr., George Jackson, Donald Palmer, Renaldo Oneal, Tom Webb

Bottom row:  Michael Garrison, Aaron Jackson, Jeff Jackson, Kirk Taylor, Mark Baker, Aaron Sorells, Robert Williams


                                                           The 1999 Alter state championship team


                                                         The 2001 Alter state championship team


                                             The 2003 Chaminade-Julienne state championship team

Top row:  Jena Schafer, Kia Carpenter, Aisha Jefferson, Allyson Bush, Tiffany Williams, Lindsay Goldsberry, Maria Getty

Bottom row: Allison Kern. Faith Ligon, Ashley Goldsberry, Brandi Hoskins, Jill Bush