Baseball History in Dayton, Ohio

                              This schedule from the 1948 Dayton Indians courtesy of the collection of R. Alan Baker.

From the Dayton Gem Citys in the 1880s to the Dayton Dragons of today, Dayton has had a rich history in the sport of Baseball.

In this section, you'll find players who made it big in Major League Baseball all the way to local legends.

Baseball may be loved without statistics and trivia, but it cannot be truly appreciated without them!

Therefore, here are nine questions for you to answer that relate to Dayton baseball history.

     1.  Who was the first player who had worn a Dayton uniform to be inducted into the Baseball HOF?

     2.  Who was the first Dayton born player to play MLB?

     3.  What pitcher, now in the HOF, pitched his first professional game wearing a Dayton uniform?

     4.  Who was the first black player to play for Dayton?

     5.  What former Dayton player holds the single season stolen base record for the Cincinnati Reds?

     6.  A Dayton pitcher was the first professional pitcher to throw two consecutive no hit games.

          Who was he?

     7. Who was the most successful Dayton manager in terms of first place finishes?

     8.  What former Dayton player appeared in the first game played in Yankee Stadium?

     9.  What former Dayton player led the National League in hits for three consecutive years?